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The AstroTwins Dubbed "astrologists for the stars," identical twin sisters Tali and Ophira Edut—known as The AstroTwins—are professional astrologers whose sisterly style and spot-on predictions have made them popular gurus for astrological devotees of all stripes. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Monthly Horoscopes Pisces Monthly Horoscope.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope. You'll find an overview for the year as well as monthly information on each zodiac sign. Information on the retrograde period for Mercury and the other planets is also included. You can use this information to help you plan anything from your wedding date to the perfect day to ask your boss for a raise.

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Information for January of the following year is also included as a bonus. The calendar is meant to be used in conjuction with your in depth monthly forecasts.

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The calendar can be ordered through Astrology Zone. Once you've read through one of Susan Miller's monthly horoscopes, it's easier to understand how useful a longer forecast can really be. The first clash may be over money. You like to spend it on lavish items, while Scorpio likes to control your spending, not the other way around. Manipulation of money may be an issue and who handles it.

Another clash may be about your popularity. Scorpio is intensely jealous and possessive. But the positive thing about this relationship is both your fierce and steadfast loyalty to one another. If you can both ease up on the competitiveness, the relationship can be all about passion and love. This pairing may often be described as "the royal and the court jester".

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You are the royal and Sagittarius is the jester. With your regal manner, it may come as a surprise when Sagittarius steps into your life with an innocent grin and a sense of humor. Sagittarius is a clown that can make you laugh and wave your worries away. You both like adventure, parties and gambling, and you two are also a bit dramatic. Sexually, your chemistry is glorious and colorful, but if Sagittarius pulls off that unbridled honesty at the wrong time, your fire could turn into ice. Often when Capricorn and Leo get together in a romantic relationship, it puzzles friends and family.

Capricorn is conservative and straight-laced, while you are extravagant and bold. However, it seems this pairing can actually work, especially when Capricorn can provide all the necessary things that make you happy. Cappy can turn into a prison warden, however, if you like to party too much. Sexually, there is depth and sensuality in your union. You two are actually well-matched, as long as selfishness and taking each other for granted don't take over. Your initial reaction to this unpredictable and dynamic creature is a powerful jolt of electricity.

Love at first sight, perhaps? You two may be drawn together like a magnet, and even Aquarius may be puzzled at just how strong your attraction is to one another. However, as time goes by, there may be constant clashes of envy due to the success of one of you. Competitiveness can take over, resulting in you turning into rivals instead of lovers.

It may be you who'll have to give in, as anything emotional like apologizing and romantic declarations may be foreign and embarrassing to Aquarius. As long as you two make compromises and understand what makes each other tick, this pairing can work, even when things turn absolutely crazy.

There may be a lot of romantic excursions with this pairing. Wining, dining, dancing and plenty of tasteful presents may be in store, and you'll definitely love that. This gentle creature may be quite secretive. You may have to count the blessings instead of the negative aspects of this relationship. Compassion and a little bit of empathy may be required to fully love a Pisces.

You adore perfection, so anything in need of repair you will love fixing. And that's when storm clouds appear in the relationship.

What Does Your Sign Say About You?

More thunder and lightning may occur when you two start bickering on who's right or wrong, and you may not be able to stop your sarcasm. There is much mutual understanding between you. The troubles may come when Taurus' stubbornness gets in the way. Still, you have more things in common than not, so you'll be able to handle this relationship with little problem, especially when you're both a quiet, soothing comfort to one another, even sexually.

You may not particularly like Gemini's frequent escapades.

Horoscope: 29.12.2018

You two can become bitingly sarcastic at times, especially when Gemini likes to pull pranks and mischievous tricks, and you don't particularly like being teased too much. You two may never be able to uncover each other's deep, dark secrets even if you've been living together for a long time. At first, Cancer may be sympathetic and responsive, understanding your secret fears and agreeing on your viewpoints on money. After a while, however, Cancer's intense mood swings may turn you quite critical. Sexually, you're cool and analytical, while Cancer is affectionate and loving. As long as Leo can keep the expenses and messes in check, this pairing may actually be a beautiful blend of consideration and warmth.

You two may be able to teach each other many things. There may be a lot of intellectual rapport between you, as you two are so much alike. Just one look into each other's eyes and you may already be able to tell what the other is thinking. Sexually, you two have a mutual understanding of what you both want and need. Vulgarity upsets the both of you. The trouble in this pairing may be about admitting mistakes and flaws.

You are both slightly embarrassed and self-critical at apologizing and admitting you're wrong. If you two can learn to accept each other's mistakes and even accept yourselves for not being perfect, you two may find more harmony in this relationship. This pairing actually has a chance for a lovely blend of consideration, tenderness and genuine love. Libra will be most optimistic and touchingly happy in this relationship, especially with your deep devotion.

Sexually, there is a rather quiet contentment and fulfillment in your lovemaking.

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