Pisces weekly horoscope february 18

The Cusp of Sensitivity: A dreamy, compassionate place

During these seven days, show that you have more faith in the design of the events that Destiny brings you during this period. Losses this week will affect things or people that you no longer need to move on. Be prepared and open to more social contacts with people who will want to be with you. Don't isolate yourself just because you are absorbed in your own problems.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

This week you will have paperwork, contract settlement and more. Financially, there will be possitive development of your affairs.

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A man-related event will be at the heart of a commitment whose implementation will be important and immediate. Only commit to resolving issues this week that you are confident you have the options, time, and resources to deal with. Men will prefer to spend more time with their family at home indulging in enjoyable pursuits, reading books, watching movies or watching sports.

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You could see a slight disagreement between you and your family on Thursday. Lastly, Friday will be a great time to develop your relationship with your SO—just watch out for the possibility of mixed messages Neptune can make things a little hazy!

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  • This week is going to put you in the spotlight again Sagittarius , but prepare for that to shift to your social zones in the next coming weeks—so make the most of it! With the full moon directly relating to your family, this weekend you might want to spend time with them. Call them on the phone, visit in person, but make them a conscious thought this coming Friday and beyond. Read your full Sagittarius weekly horoscope. This weekend, fantasies roam wild.

    Progress on your habits are made this week, allowing for healing, with hardworking Saturn in gentle harmony with retrograde Mercury.

    Your Weekly Horoscope: the Dreamy Pisces Full Moon Is Coming

    Since Mercury is retrograde, this is a reworking of something that occurred on February After focusing so much of your attention on work, you can move on to what really matters to you: other people. Aries season starts on Wednesday, lighting up the relationships sector of your chart. Soon after, there is a full moon in your sign, which pushes you to see all of your feelings—and how other people influence them—clearly and objectively.

    There is a deepened understanding of others this week. As your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto, you really tap into what makes people tick, and how their actions influence your own subconscious behaviors. Use this information wisely, Scorpio. Pisces season was fun and passionate, but Aries season, which begins Wednesday, tells you to get back to work after the silly season.

    The full moon in Libra on Wednesday creates a connection between your relationship with your body and your mind. Deepen your understanding of yourself and your body through movement. The more creative, strange, and private, the better.

    Weekly Horoscope: March 18 - 24 - VICE

    When Mars squares off with Venus on Thursday, there will be a potential for frustration, so shake it off. Conversations about how to structure your home life to be a space for you to grow and feel safe come back up again this week. Think back to February 19, the last time messenger Mercury connected with structural Saturn.

    Discussions with your family or roommates help you work it out. After a period of hibernation, Aries season begins on Wednesday and brings you out of your shell to party. The full moon in Libra asks you to create a genuine connection between your closest friends and the needs of your community at large, balancing the dynamics of your inner circle with the desire to be a socialite.

    Come up with creative solutions—with Venus connecting with your ruling planet Jupiter, there will be a bubbly and social ambiance to this weekend. You are driven to express yourself creatively and passionately this week, through sex or whatever else makes you happy. There is nothing holding you back from acting on your deepest impulses.

    This week is a big one, with the spring equinox and the arrival of Aries season!

    Getting in touch with your self-discipline and understanding your reservations that hinder expressing your feelings comes up near Wednesday. Think back to February 19, which was the last time this came up. Wednesday begins a period of focusing on your home life as the sun enters Aries. Your relationships to your family and family ancestry become more important and dynamic during Aries season. There is a connection between your deepest subconscious desires and action on the home front this week.

    There is nothing holding you back from having breakthroughs concerning how your home and family life impacts you on a behavioral level.

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    Pisces weekly horoscope february 18

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