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I know that it is a long trip for you to visit me, and I deeply appreciate it. I must tolerate so many materialistic karmis each day When you came last, we discussed Vedic astrology and I made a prediction that came true in the few days following our last meeting. I predicted that a terrible event such as an earthquake would be soon taking place in the territory of "Old Bharat", an area of the Earth ruled by Virgo from Eastern Iran to Indonesia, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.

Two days after the prediction at our meeting Pakistan suffered its worst earthquake ever, a 7. In fact, this was that country's worst disaster ever, and the early death toll counted over 20, souls had been dispatched to Yamaraj.

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The prediction was based upon my research establishing that Virgo rules "Old Bharat" and that an eclipse in Virgo had occurred on the 2nd. It is very tempting to self-aggrandize oneself in such a situation--that is, after making such a remarkably accurate prediction--but the fact is that credit must go to the science of Krishna-conscious astrology. If such a Krishna-conscious, no, Guru-conscious, science is understood as simply another Vedic science of the Bhagavat , then accurate predictions will be a foregone conclusion.

The major influences of astrology are discussed in the leading edge scriptures of the Veda such as the holy Shrimad Bhagavatam Mahapurana , which Shrila Prabhupada spent every valuable breath making us understand, and the Ramayana , Padma Purana , etc. Therein, heavenly omens such as eclipses, comets and meteor showers, are given greater importance than mere planetary combinations graha-yogas.

Read the descriptions of Lord Rama entering the field of battle in the Ramayana, or Lord Varaha killing the incarnation Vijai, Hiranyaksha. Whereas eclipses foreshadowing the great battles are discussed, astrological combinations are not dealt with.

These have already been dilated upon by no less a personality than Shri Parahsara Muni, the father of Shrila Vyasadeva Ji, the lliterary incarnation of God, in his Shri Parahsara Hora-Shastra , hence Sage Parashara is called the "father of astrology". Some months back I gave you, Hansadutta Prabhuji, a copy of the Palani Panchang , which I helped Pandit Devendra Trivedi develop some twenty years ago, and have continued to write for over the years.

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Team India gets down to practice before Pune Test. See photos. Kohli wants double points for away wins in World Test Championship. Insta removes Following activity tab, sends Twitterverse into meltdown. And there are people who fall prey to their tricks because they want quick or instant solutions. The Bhrigu reader I have referred to has given some remarkable readings about future which is why I respect him.

I will write about him later. From: knrao. The Bhrigu reader I am referring to is absolutely honest. I have never seen him prescribing any costly remedies and demanding money.

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He does, when it comes in the reading, speak of doing some shanti which again is not costly. He leaves it to you to do or not and wherever you want to do it. I have written so often on this list and created enemies here also because I know some of the popular fraudulent methods. An addition made recently is that one astrologer even went to the extent of speaking of Kal Sarpa Yoga in Jaimini astrology. This Bhrigu reader has no fixed fees. I have seen people giving him from fifty to one thousand rupees.

He accepts both with the same grace. But some of his readings of the future are sensational. I will give one instance later. But I also know that he worships nearly for eight to ten hours a day and does yagnas almost every day. He does Bhrigu prashna also where he casts a horoscope as we do, but interprets in his own way.

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  8. I have yet to meet an astrologer or a Bhrigu reader with so much moral excellence as this man. It is because of this that I like him and encourage others to go to him. But the problem is that he does chain reading. Not covering the entire reading of a life in one sitting.

    Gauranga and Nityananda sabha camps for IYF devotees of ISKCON Sri Jagannath Mandir

    It is staggered. At the end of the reading, it is stated that you will or can come after four months or one year etc. Yours sincerely, K.

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    His name is Pandit Nathulal.

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